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Stracuzzi Design is inspired by ideas and passionate about bringing them to life. Product development requires exact attention to details and proactive problem solving.  We have assembled an experienced and skilled design team that examines the smallest parts while attending to the full scale of the project.  We will listen well, ask the right questions and endeavor to take your project off your plate.  You will receive concept renderings, approval samples and constant updates until your design is completed.

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03 consulting services

Stracuzzi Design’s talented team of designers and production specialists are ready to create a unique masterpiece for you.  We have a true love for developing concepts and strategies for businesses of all sizes.
Our Consulting Services:
  • Reshaping or Creating a Business Strategy

  • Email Communication Systems
  • Web Strategies
  • Product Prototyping + Manufacturing
  • Patent and Trademark
  • Branding / Marketing
  • Packaging + Merchandising Concepts
  • Social Media Launch or Revitalization

04 contact

Tel: 267-808-5078

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